I decided to start from this topic because we often believe that our actions have no meaning in macro scale and even if we care about our planet we actually have no power to be heard or we think that what we do is only a drop in an ocean. In last two years of extreme efforts to showoff our actions towards reversing climate change i realised that drop to drop we are able to change what we have been doing wrongly so far.

Once you get on right track everything starts to match as puzzle. You meet people by chance with whom you can cooperate, you start to be appreciated by those who want to change something for good.
There is much difference between being green and make yourself look like green. There are really green people and organisations and there are those who only built green image around themselves. There is green brainstorming and green brain sucking once they play to be friendly just to drain your mind and stuck to your ideas without you.
Life is a bit like green jungle – you have only few choices or you stay with a right tribe or you run away or you can be faster than others or you might be hunted – choice is yours.
I red recently that being self confidence starts when you don’t care any more if you are liked or not. So once you know your goal and you are sure about following certain direction don’t bother about others opinion.
It’s better to be lonely lion than popular sheep.
Getting back to having power issue each of your actions matters. Lets think about traveling if you use electronic boarding pass you save paper, shopping in duty free avoiding plastic bags you reduce waste and give the feedback to airport authority that you don’t need that.
On the plane you may drink all the way from one cup reducing this way level of waste. Its yours drinking from it you don’t exchange microbiome with anyone. Straws ? There are plenty of alternatives now but Do we really need them ?
Only US citizens produce every single day 500 millions straws. We are able to drink without them unless someone has healthy issues. Having frozen coffee with a straw i don’t see as first need action.
We have reached as a humanity dangerous point of killing our Mother Earth at the same time killing ourselves. We are only 0.01 % species in this planet and in last 50 years we have destroyed 83 % of it.
We have all those pictures with animals trapped in plastic bags and once we see it we care few seconds after Instagram will update again. What if we saw a human trapped in plastic bag ? Would it be enough shocking to stop this madness ?
Of course there are more than 500 billion of dollars standing behind plastic business but recycle paper bottles might be as well money making point for huge producers being scared-of losing income. Consumers however are waking up so in my opinion it would be better to have solution before they will abandon you saying no to plastic production and plastic waste.
How is it possible that Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania have put ban on plastics ?
Why other 200 countries don’t follow this step ?
Hospitality with out trash is possible as well as tourism. To make it happen there are few solutions: guidelines on the level of government, education of consumers, good will and consciousness of owners or green fine if someone harms natural environment. There is no need to reinvent a wheel.
Change is always seen as impossible as long as its not done. Innovation is always seen as madness as long as its not implemented.